Happy Clients



"Just want to let you know I finished the marathon today in under 4 hours. My hamstring was pain free, all because of you! I might need to come in for some post-marathon leg work."

/  BECCA  /


"You cured me! My neck feels so much better. Thank you so much! You are a genius!"



"I wanted to say thank you for the pre-marathon sessions. Happily I made it around the course with no IT band pain!! It wasn't easy by any means, but I was so happy to finish. Thanks again. I'll be in touch about another session soon!"

/  catherine  /


"I feel 100 percent lighter, thank you!"

/  AMY  /


"OMG feeling so much better. My body is flushing everything out. I definitely needed you to jumpstart it!"

/  AMY  /



"My whole body feels lighter... is that in my head? The spot has had a few moments but ultimately feels 100% better! And I am walking around proud of my cupping marks. Thank you!!!"




"I feel amazing. As if my head and shoulders have more space inside my body..."